High Paying Part Time Jobs – The Hunt Begins

Where Can You Find High Paying Part Time Jobs?

This is not your usual list of part time jobs. The Internet is filled with sites recommending high paying part time jobs, ranging from waitstaff at a high end restaurant to bar tending, and working part time as a fitness instructorWoman applying for high paying part time jobs to finding work as a substitute teacher. All too often the applicant needs to have special skills or specialized education to have any hope of landing the job. If you're qualified and can land one of these jobs, congratulations are in order. The down side is that your income is limited by the number of hours you're scheduled to work. In addition, these ‘conventional' jobs require commuting, and may require special wardrobe or equipment. Over time, these limitations cap and bleed away some of your income, while inflation and unforeseen expenses take their toll on your quality of life.

Consider looking at  jobs you can tackle while working independently at home. You would be able to dictate your own hours; so long as you completed your workload, your clients would pay you directly – without a cut being taken by an employer.

Is it possible to find high paying part time jobs to work from home?

Rather than working as a part time employee, as suggested above, perhaps you can establish yourself as a consultant or a freelance worker. Doing so would eliminate expenses related to commuting and wardrobe requirements, but you're still likely to run into the need for specialized equipment. Fortunately, in many countries, expenses related to freelancing business or working as an independent consultant are tax deductible. That doesn't make the expense go away, but it does ease the pain somewhat.

Woman working at typewriterHowever you set up your new business, your income will still be constrained by your available time. You're also limited to meeting your clientele at mutually acceptable times. For example, if you cut and style hair at home, you won't be able to schedule anyone during mealtimes or at night. Even if you're writing articles as a freelance author, you're limited to the number of hours in a day. Keep in mind that all work and no play makes you no fun at all on the few occasions when you're able to break free.

If there are no no high paying part time jobs that make sense as an employee, and none that make sense while working independently, where can you turn for extra income?

Automated online high paying part time jobs come to the rescue!

The solution to the problem may not be immediately apparent, but it is out there. There are a number of possible solutions; let me describe two. Each of these possibilities offers attractive income opportunities for college students, Moms, retirees, and seniors – whether they're trying to pay bills or put more away in savings.


Do you realize the amount of money that is spent annually in the United States alone for advertising? Over 150 billion dollars! You could wallpaper the planet with $50 bills and have money to spare!

Lets assume you spend time to set up a web site about home brewing beer setups, with a bit of information about micro breweries. Not a problem, right? Let's also say you're able to drive a fair amount of traffic to that site – about 20,000 visitors per month. Do you have any idea how much money you could earn from advertisers who want to pitch their products in front of your beer brewing visitors?  You would receive lots more income than you'd get from any of the high paying part time jobs described above. Even better, the earnings continue whether you're Working-on-a-laptopat the computer or not, and whether you're awake or asleep! You've successfully put the Internet to work – for you. The secret sauce for making this all work for you is revealed below.

Affiliate sales

Every successful company in the world knows that their success depends on a large pool of customers. Advertising is just one way to get customers in their front door or to their web site. You can rest assured they use the best methods at their disposal to convert those customers to purchasers.

This same general principle applies to earning money through affiliate sales. You provide a flow of customers directly to the company. They no longer have to hire an advertising firm or pay for advertising space to get customers to their door, and they are willing to pay you if you can provide a stream of customers to them. The good folks that created the Internet gave us the tools to pull traffic to our new beer-brewing website, and they also gave us the tools to direct our visitors to the company's doorstep. Life is good – if you know how to fit the pieces together.

The Revelation: Pulling together all the pieces…

Putting up a web site can be done in minutes – for very little money. This is your own web site, and any advertising or affiliate income that comes from it is yours. You'll put content on the site, using information which is readily available. This doesn't cost you anything, but it will take up some of your time. You can also drive traffic your new beer-friendly site, and you can scale the amount of traffic to satisfy your need for income. There are many ways to do so – some are free but take time, while others are relatively quick but cost money to implement.

You may feel as if you're on the edge of a Eureka! moment, and so you are. Savor it – just for a moment – then take the time to read about what it takes to choose an online business – and make your move. The only thing that can stop you is inaction. Do it today!

Questions or Comments?

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  1. Great site and beautiful layout and you make me think about the ‘illusion’ of a high paying part time job when really as you suggest you can create one yourself with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for bring this to my attention 🙂

    1. Author

      Glad you visited Peter! You only need to hold the illusion in your mind for a while. Suddenly you discover you no longer aspire to the dream – you’re beginning to live it!


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