Evening Part Time Jobs; Salvation for Skinny Budgets

Are Evening Part Time Jobs the Answer?

Evening part time jobs babysitting You may feel that when you're looking at evening part-time jobs, you're looking at salvation. Keep in mind however, not all part-time jobs are created equal.

Picky, picky, picky

For example, in my situation, I didn't want to finish work and jump back into the car to drive to yet another job. If I was going to be working wanted to do it at home. I had a number of other constraints as well. Here are a few:

  • I didn't want to be making cold calls to provide sales leads, nor did I want to be making calls for debt collectors.
  • I didn't want to be storing or shipping inventory for products to be sold on eBay or Craigslist; I don't have enough room to warehouse and ship inventory, nor did I want the hassle of delivering products to customers.
  • I wasn't looking for short-term jobs, whether seasonal jobs or temporary jobs.
  • I don't want to get involved in MLM companies, they all seem like a house of cards, ready to fall any time.

Kind of picky, aren't I? But my list for ideal evening part time jobs goes on!

  • I wanted to avoid part time jobs were the pay was related to the number of pieces you completed.  I didn't want to be caught up in filling out surveys, writing articles, providing translations, or doing any other kind of part-time work where my pay would be dictated by the  of availability of surveys, articles need to be written, documents needing translation, etc.  I didn't want to get set up for a job and anticipate income, only to find out that there was no demand for the service I was offering. This ruled out a lot of evening part-time jobs, as you might imagine. There were many freelancing sites that failed this criteria, such as:

I finally found a great part time job to pursue

So, to bottom line it for you, I finally decided to take control of my finances. After looking at lots of evening part time jobs, I decided to give affiliate marketing a try. I found that businesses will pay money if I'm able to bring customers to their door – a lot of money. Since I'm just looking for part time income, I decided I'd put up a web page, describe some of the best products or services which were available, and provide links to the companies selling those products and services. The links are special links though, called affiliate links. When someone clicks on a link on my website, it takes them to the company, but it also lets the company know that I referred that customer to them. When a sale is made, I get paid. The whole process works even when I'm working. Heck, it even works when I'm sleeping!

Garbage can and litter around it The whole issue of affiliate marketing doesn't just happen overnight though. Which business segment or niche should you target with your website? How can you put up a website and get steady (and growing) traffic to it? What is the best way to monetize your new site, to actually make money from it? This turns out to be a tough nut to crack. There are thousands of web sites willing to sell eBooks and videos, or to furnish tools and systems for a fee – all guaranteed to make online earning easy.

Unfortunately, that's not what I was after. I'm trying to make money, not spend it – and I spent hundreds of hours online sorting through mountains of garbage, looking for a resource that would help me turn the corner. It wasn't pleasant.

My new part time job is affiliate marketing, and here's how to make it work

I finally found a site that is free, and provided mountains of information about affiliate selling, rather than the garbage I'd found on every other site. It is a membership site, but all that was required was my name and email address – so I poked around the site a bit. Members routinely raise questions and share solutions. In fact, there is so much information and interaction on the site, that one of the guiding principles is to stick with the structured lessons while you get your business up and running. If you begin wandering around the site, reading random bits of information and socializing without focus, you'll chew up all your free time – without ever earning your first online dollar.

Allright, I'd been warned, so I continued to look around. I really liked the fact that they never asked for any credit card information, and I never saw a PayPal button. In fact, I never saw anything that suggested there was a time limit to my free membership.

That site is Wealthy Affiliate, and I call it home now. My site is growing, and my online income has sprouted and is growing nicely as well.

Join me!


Do you have a question or comment about evening part time jobs? Add it to the comment box below and let it fly!


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  1. Hey Dennis,

    That is the same way I felt about part time jobs when I was looking for an extra income. You are saying you never saw signs of having to upgrade from a free membership, does that mean that Wealthy Affiliate is completely free? Or will there be some money spending along the lines? Also what aspects of affiliate marketing do they teach and how do they go about it?

    thanks, Marlon

    1. Author

      Hi Marlon –
      You can remain a member for free as long as you’d like Marlon. There is an upgrade available if you’d like to access still more of the site’s resources, but it’s not necessary to set up your online business.

      You’ll still have access to all the information and support from other members you could hope for, for as long as you like. You can read a little more about how I got my start at Wealthy Affiliate to get a better feel for it.

      All the best – Dennis

  2. Hello Dennis!
    I am very impressed with your website. I absolutely love your work and I love the fact that it is very simple and easy to navigate, the posts are clean and please the reader yet they are very informative! I was looking for a part time job as well and after being scummed multiple times online (which is not rare nowadays), I decided to use Wealthy Affiliate. At first I was sceptical but now I can assure everyone that this was one of the best decisions I ever took. I keep on learning new things every day and I love what i do. Building a website is not an easy job but it is definitely worth it!
    I absolutely suggest to everyone to try Wealthy Affiliate!
    Yes you can make money online and it can be a pleasant experience!

    1. Author

      Hi Katerina!

      My experience is similar to your own. If there’s any downside to membership at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s that there’s too much information and too much interaction among members. You have to make a conscious effort to focus on the lessons as they’re laid out. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can branch out to learn more advanced topics, but initially you have to follow the yellow brick road!

      All the best,

  3. Dennis,
    As a person that no longer works and is looking for a part time income, this will be a perfect fit. I only want to work a little after everyone goes to bed and make some money for trips. How much time a week does this take and when can I expect a return of my investment for my time.

  4. Author

    Hi John,

    It takes literally minutes to put up a web site, and costs nothing. Once it’s up, you can begin putting content on it. If you’ve picked a subject you’re familiar with for your site, you can probably get 4 or 5 articles uploaded inside a week. The bit that’s uncertain is how quickly you’ll be able to drive traffic to your site. I typically plan on taking a month to get 30 visitors a day. Soon afterwards, you’ll begin converting site visitors to customers – and see your first bit of income.

    Just keep leveraging your successes, adding content and drawing more traffic to your site, and your income will increase as well. The beautiful part of it is that the income stream continues regardless of what you’re doing. You’ll literally be making money in your sleep!

    Let me know if you’d like more info – Dennis

  5. Dear Dennis,

    I am very impressed with how much you have progressed via WA and I really like your page. It shows professionalism (not sure if this is the right word), and I like the humor in most of your posts. Glad you have found the part time job though! All the best!


    1. Author

      Hi Alex,
      Glad to see you’re enjoying the site! I’ve really been impressed by the information available at Wealthy Affiliate and the help its members give one another.

      Best of luck in your ventures!


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