Starting an Online Business

Starting an Online Business – Can it be Done?

Starting an online business can be difficult. Worse, it can be expensive for the unwary. All too often, the information, tools, and systems sold online cost more than you'd like to spend. Still worse yet, many don't deliver on the promises made when you bought them. All too often, purchasers think they've found the goose that laid the golden egg, but nothing could be further from the truth. Your purchase means nothing, money won't simply come rolling in. You need to make the effort to get the ball rolling. No information or tools you purchase will make that effort for you. Here's your reality check. If you make regular daily efforts to build your online business, in all likelihood it won't even generate enough money for a meal at a restaurant for several months. Bummer. The good news is that if you do make regular daily efforts when starting an online business, your earnings will begin to grow substantially once you get past earning those first few dollars – and it's beautiful. The key (for those who may have missed it) is to make regular daily efforts. ‘Nuff said.

For the most part, there are free tools which you can use to start an online business, as well other resources which provide much needed direction. Those who take advantage of the resources here will find they are able to speed both learning and earning. As with any business startup, there are no guarantees. You can significantly reduce the risk of setbacks or failure by taking advantage of the knowledge of others who have already been down the road where you are beginning your journey today!

In some instances, you will have to register on other sites to get access to the free tools and resources they offer – but the registration is free, and the tools and resources are real!

Perhaps the best way of starting an online business

starting an online business - "What's your story" signYou can literally bootstrap your efforts with very little money as you start your online business. It will take some work, as some free tools have a fairly steep learning curve, and others take a fair amount of time to use. It's not unusual for free tools to lack the refinement and niceties of paid tools.

This site is an excellent starting place for those starting an online business. You'll find a lot of guidance, resources, and tools here.

  • There are so many different ways to earn income by starting an online business that you may experience information paralysis. You can avoid this paralysis by following the initial steps laid out here. Decide what niche is of interest to you, find a suitable domain name and web hosting service, and set up a WordPress site – all for just a few dollars.
  • Continue following the steps outlined here, beginning to populate your new site with content and drawing visitors to your site. There are free tools available to help with those tasks, and you'll find links to those tools here on this site. You won't just get a list of tools though; you also get directions for their use. For example, the search engines have made secure access to your web site a priority, telling webmasters they must provide Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) access to their web site. The consequence of not doing so is to have your site devalued in their search index – which means fewer visitors to your site. Fewer visitors to your site equates directly to reduced earnings – but how do you add HTTPS access to your site? Build your site by the numbers here, and you'll be able to provide that secure access for free.

Use unconventional traffic generation methods

In addition to conventional methods of generating traffic when starting an online business, you should also consider less conventional methods. There are some techniques which have been proven to be very effective. You may simply let others in your circle of family and friends what you're doing – without selling them anything. Just add it to your conversational mix when it's appropriate to do so. If you're up for spending a few more dollars, carry a few business cards with you to give to anyone who expresses an interest in your product or service. You can write and distribute press releases for free which may be picked up by newspapers or magazines. Free advertising – who knew? The possibilities are endless – you just need to keep your nose to the grindstone. Absorb what this site has to offer, and implement what you've learned.

How much time will this take?

Keep in mind that all the tools and information in the world will not make your first dollar. You have to spend the time and do the work yourself. There is no shortcut or miracle method of making money, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. You need to set aside at least 3 or 4 hours a day to make visible progress toward setting up an online business. You can spend less time each day, but you'll need to take the long view when it comes to measuring your progress. Regardless of how you proceed, you must make an ongoing commitment when you are starting an online business. Merely setting up a web site will not do the job.

IsolationThe bullet points above are just a few of the many benefits this site offers. There are also benefits that aren't quite so easily described. Starting an online business with all these free resources is about as good as it gets.

There are premium tools available to start an online business, but…

This site focuses on free resources and tools. Yes, you can make progress faster with paid tools, and yes, the paid tools are generally easier to learn and use. That option is certainly available to you – but anyone can throw money at a problem in the hopes they will find the answer they were looking for. If your site begins to get some traction and you begin realizing some income, excellent! You may decide to make use of some of those paid tools, and I've provided links to those I find most helpful.

If you're considering starting an online business, there is no better time, and I know of no better place. Come on in – the water's fine!

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