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Ripe for the Taking – Evening and Weekend Jobs!

Hiring sign - evening and weekend jobs I'll cut right to the chase in this little article about finding evening and weekend jobs. You can look on Indeed or Monster or one of the other job boards to find part time work, and you may be successful – but part time jobs can take up a lot of your time. It's not just the time you spend on the job, it's also the time you spend getting to the job and returning home. In the end, you have to wonder whether you're even making a minimum wage, given the hours you work and the time & expense eaten up by your commute.

You have to wonder if you'd be better off spending time at home working. Finding employers that allow telecommuting is difficult though – even more so if you're looking for part time work. To put the final piece of the puzzle in place, I'd suggest you hunt for an online job – one you can work from your own home, during the hours you have available. You can try out online jobs entering data for insurance companies, viewing advertisements, taking surveys, or even entering contests – but realizing any significant income can be a challenge.

So where can I find one of those great evening and weekend jobs?

The Internet is full of folks who offer schemes to make money instantly. Deep inside, you know it doesn't work like that though. This site is one of the few places on the entire Internet that's telling it like it is… there is no EASY button you can push which will fill your your bank account with money. There are no gurus who have “Cracked the Code!” – unless the code involves you giving them your money.

The gurus who make those empty claims have made lots of money online – by selling their systems to those who would like to make money online. They set traps on sales pages filled with testimonials, raising the hopes of those who have the desire or the need to earn money online. All they need to do is wait for you to spring the trap, and your money begins to pour into their bank account!

Here's what you need to do…

Man sleeping

The good news is that there is a way to have money deposited in your bank account, even while you sleep! The bad news is that you have to take the time to learn how to make that happen. Once you've educated yourself, you need to make what you've learned happen. How long will it take? Plan on six months of fairly consistent effort, putting about 20 hours a week into your new venture. By that time you'll begin to see your efforts all come together, and your online income will begin to emerge.
Are you still with me? Great! Here's how to begin.

Niche selection

You need to select a niche for a website. The subject for that niche has got to meet these three criteria:

  • Your niche or subject matter must be popular with a reasonable number of surfers! It should be something folks search for in Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches. Even if you spend a lot of time carefully setting up a web site about “snow tire tread patterns”, there are very few searches for that keyword, so you probably won't get many visitors. You'll have very little chance for earnings. You'll find some suggestions for selecting the subject matter for a profitable website at the link above.
  • You need to verify there are not too many online competitors for that same niche or subject. The Internet is a huge place, and there will be competitors for any niche you choose. Fortunately, there are huge numbers of surfers – more than enough to go around. You just need to learn to pick your battles. We'll get more into this in another article, but you should avoid huge topics with heavy weight competitors (cosmetics), and you should avoid tiny topics with very little interested searchers.
  • Lastly, you need to make sure you have a reasonable opportunity to make money in niche you've chosen. Some common ways to realize those earnings are through the direct sales of products or services you're marketing, by selling advertising space on your website, or through affiliate sales. Each of these monetization techniques is discussed in other articles on this site.

puzzle Here's how the pieces fit together

Once you've chosen a niche, you need to begin choosing keywords related to that niche. You should know that when we're talking about a keyword, it isn't a single word. Rather, it is a phrase which describes a term that might be entered into a search engine. For example, “how exercise affects bone density” or “best gravel for my driveway” are examples of a keyword. You'll need to research and use one keyword for each page or post you publish.

Selecting kewyords

With that in mind, here are a few rules you need to know about the selection of keywords:

  • In much the same way that you have to consider the amount of competition when you chose your niche, you also need to choose the amount of competition for each of your keywords. Researching competition for keywords is different than researching competition for your niche.
  • You'll need to find out how many folks are currently searching for your keyword. The Internet is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your success depends to a great extent on diverting some of the search traffic that's always out there, bringing it to your web site.
  • When you research your keywords, you'll want to find those that typify surfers who are close to making a purchase. For example, the keyword “When to fertilize your grass” is not a search term for someone about to purchase something. That searcher is simply looking for information. On the other hand, someone searching for “Best lawn fertilizer” is probably much closer to making a purchasing decision. This difference may play into your keyword selection as well.

Some tools and techniques needed to research your keyword selection are available for free. Others are premium tools which typically offer more features and results while taking less of your time. Each type of tool is discussed on this site – but you'll have to decide which offers the biggest benefit in your situation. For example, if you are working and want to set up an online business, your time may be at a premium. In that situation, you may elect to spend some money for one or more premium tools.

Questions or Comments?

Do you have a question or comment about evening and weekend jobs? Spell it out in the comment box below and let it fly!



  1. Dear Mr. Dennis,
    I have a great pension but I would love to find where everyone keeps talking
    about residual income? Is there a honest way to do this?
    As a private person I only visit sites like FB, and ebay. I do not like to
    be the party person in a group or talk one on one with anyone unless I really know them or their people I have known all my life.
    Such a person that I am, is it possible to do something online to make money with
    out constant contact with strangers?
    Sincerely, Thanks for a Quick Reply,
    Sandi from Michigan

    1. Author

      Hi Sandi!
      Companies depend on customers to realize profits. Without customers, they’d go out of business almost immediately.

      For that reason, companies pay advertisers and affiliate marketers to bring customers to them. If the customer purchases a subscription, the affiliate marketer is paid each time they renew their subscription. For example, each time the customer renews a magazine or newspaper subscription, a commission is paid to the affiliate marketer who secured that customer. That ongoing stream of payments (one each time the customer renews their subscription) is considered to be residual income – it continues to come to the affiliate marketer long after they first brought the customer to the business.

      It is absolutely honest, and it is very necessary for many companies to stay in business.

      There are many ways to earn money as an affiliate marketer without having to meet or talk to the buying public. Have a look around the site to see how it’s done!


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