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Help Earning- the key to success There are an endless number of ways to set up an online business for home earning, from affiliate sales to selling information and from drop shipping to selling your own products. The problem is to sort through all the options.This site is intended to provide you help earning online.

There are so many choices it can be paralyzing – but choose you must! Take some time to pick a direction, but don't become confused and just procrastinate. If there's a single thing you need to take away from your time on this site, it is that you must take action every day. If you don't, your efforts to set up an online business and earn a living from home will not end well!

Lets take a look at some of the big pieces, beginning with the concept of affiliate sales. Understanding the concept of  “affiliate” is the key. Businesses pay exorbitant amounts of money to advertise each year – over $151 billion dollars in the US alone in 2018! Do you imagine they would agree to pay you if you brought a willing purchaser into their store? You bet! If you bring a steady stream of purchasers to their store, they'd happily pay you for each one of those customers.

. . . so that's what an affiliate does?

That's exactly what an affiliate does – help businesses meet their goals. You're not an employee of any company. You decide where and when you'll work, and you decide which companies you'll work for. You're the chief cook and bottle washer, and answer only to yourself. Sounds like a sweet way to set up your online business, doesn't it? It's not quite that simple though. There are a lot of folks out there trying their hand at being an affiliate. Some do quite well at it, but many others… not so much. Take stock of your abilities and your inclinations, then make use of the resources on this site to help you earn money online.

Selling physical products online – fulfillment services

Another major niche for an online business involves selling products. There are several ways ways to sell products online. You could sell products you purchased and have stored in your garage. The secret is to buy low and sell high – no big secret there! You could even elect to purchase product yourself and have someone else handle the storage and shipping after each sale, using a service called fulfillment. Fulfillment centers can save you a lot of time, but their service is not free – so you'll need to make sure your profit margin can take the hit and leave enough room for your online business to flourish.

Selling physical products online – drop shipping

Alternately, you might sell products you don't own and you'll never possess. For example, you could advertise the benefits of a particular tent or sleeping bag on your web site. When a purchaser pays you for a tent, you purchase the tent from your drop shipper, and they ship the tent directly to your purchaser. A good drop shipper can be your best friend, and actually help earning without your having to stock any product. There are some dangers to be aware of however. Your drop shipper may run out of stock and fail to send the tent to your purchaser ( = unhappy customer). They may run out of stock and send a different model tent ( = unhappy customer). You're not in control of all the moving pieces, and if the purchaser is unhappy, you'll have to make things right by them. Making things right may cost you money, but if you don't make your purchaser happy, your online reputation will take a hit – which will cost you money.

Another potential danger to consider when drop shipping is that you must be able to buy products inexpensively from your drop shipper. It makes little sense to buy a product for $20 and sell it for $25 if you lose your shirt once you've paid for all your overhead. Selling products online is not limited to simply buying at wholesale prices and reselling at retail prices, however. You could specialize in end of season specials, seconds, production overruns, etc. for sale on your website, and have your supplier drop ship directly to your purchaser. In all cases, make sure you have enough profit margin to make your efforts worthwhile.

Selling digital products online

You might also sell informational products, which can be downloaded directly  from your site after a purchase has been made.The entire transaction is handled automatically – perhaps the ultimate online business. Despite the fact that the process is automatic, there are still a number of moving parts you need to set up and monitor.

Still other options…

There are literally dozens of ways to make money online. This web site is designed from the ground up to help you through that maze. Still better, you don't need to get out your wallet. Everything here is free, and there are no time constraints. You don't have to “Act Now!“, and you won't see “Don't Miss This Amazing Opportunity!” anywhere on this site. Just bookmark this site if you don't want to take action now, and come back when you're ready. Send the link to friends, family, and acquaintances that may be interested so they can check it out. You're not selling them anything; there's nothing to buy! Just ask them for their opinion, or share yours.

There is no rush though. The opportunity to make great money online will not go away in our lifetime. Keep in mind that if you don't take action, you won't get results!

Everything here is free? Really?

You can access everything on this site without dropping a dime. You don't need to part with any credit card information, and there is no PayPal button lurking on the next page. You'll find some tools listed here which you can buy to make your life simpler, but you'll also find alternate ways to accomplish the same tasks for free.

Let me break down some of the benefits this site offers:

  • Just follow the yellow brick road! You'll have the opportunity to become part of a community of like-minded online business owners. Make comments, raise questions, offer solutions, and engage with others. Life as a small business owner is so much easier when you can engage with others traveling along the same path.
  • You'll find that much of your journey has been scouted and laid out for you by others who have gone before – literally. You'll have to supply the drive and the persistence, but everything else is laid out for you. Just follow the yellow brick road!
  • You'll learn of free tools and resources which are available. You can access many of them in the menu at the top of any site page.   Here are just a few:
    • You'll find interesting article titles at Portents.
    • Locate pictures free for use on your site on Pixabay or FreeImages.
    • Use graphics tools to customize pictures such as Gimp and Canva.
    • Produce videos by capturing videos of your screen or with your webcam using CamStudio.
    • Add music to your videos or slide shows with Bensound.

It's your turn…

The list of benefits above is just the tip of the iceberg. I don't want to beat you about the head and shoulders too badly, but this web site can't force help earning. If you'd like to set the stage for financial independence, you need to take the first step.


Let your journey begin; make use of the help earning here.

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