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Finding Free Website Graphics

You've been working on your site, and have a page or post almost ready to publish. There's that niggling little problem of adding pictures to your brilliant new article though. It can be difficult to find free website graphics, something appropriate to your work that will enthrall your readers. No small task!

Screenshot, Creative Commons - search for free website graphics!There are a number of sites on the Internet which offer free website graphics, many of which don't even require attribution from you. Those sites offer pictures under a CC0 license. One site which lets you search among several sites is Wikimedia Commons (part of; click the image to the right to enlarge). Wikimedia Commons lets you browse through all kinds of media, from music to images and video. You can specify that the search results be usable for commercial purposes. You can even specify that you want media which you can modify and use commercially!

Below are a number of other websites, most of which offer free website graphics. Note that some of the pictures you find may require attribution, but many do not – so check the license terms on each site or picture to be sure. You'll find some extremely high resolution pictures, while others are conventional pictures at lower resolution or even clip art. Some of the sites below offer tens or hundreds of thousands of free pictures, while others offer less than a hundred. Take a bit of time to see what may intrigue your visitors!


There are just a few images here. They are all high resolution, CC0 licensed nature images – you can do whatever you want with them. There is no search facility on the site, so you'll just need to browse the archives to find suitable pictures. Enjoy!

Death to the Stock Photo

You will find high quality free photos here. You can also get access to premium site content which is available as part of a monthly subscription. For access to the free content, all you need to do is register with your email address, and you'll be sent high-resolution photos and the stories that go with them by email every month.

FlickrPhotographer taking picture through monitor

This site has nearly 350,000 CC0 licensed photos which you can browse by category or by using the site's search facility. Dive right in – but set a time limit. There are so many free website graphics here you may struggle to finish writing your article before the day is out!

Foodie’s Feed

There are some free high-quality food photos on Foodie's Feed (as you might imagine). There are also some free food related icons and free fonts available for download here. Note that there are also some premium pictures being sold on the site, but they are clearly labeled. If you look closely, you'll find a small search field at the right side of the site's header, to make finding specific food photos simpler. If you'd just like to browse, hover over “Free Food Images” in the site menu and pick from one of sixteen categories, ranging from Grocery & Ingredients to Exotic Cuisine.


This site has a large collection of royalty-free pictures in 15 categories. Before using any image downloaded from Freeimages, read through any “View image license” link under the image, or through the “usage options” link in the Photo details, or the requirements listed in the Availability section adjacent to the Download button. Bottom line: familiarize yourself with the licensing information for each picture before using any photos.

You can find royalty free photos in categories such as Aviation, Beach, Buildings, Finance, Food, and Wildlife. There are also royalty free textures available in their own set of categories – Beach, Concrete, Dirt, Rust, Steel, Water, and Wood. Further, there are free digital backgrounds broadly categorized in either Digital Factory or Surreal Backgrounds. Take a few minutes to browse around, as the site is not yet searchable.

Good Free Photos

The site describes itself as “A large free stock photo site with thousands of public domain photos including landscapes, objects, animals, plants, textures, and many other free photos. All photos taken by me.” There are 16 categories, with hundreds of pictures available for download on the site, as well as a search facility.


This site offers some interesting photos, as well as some imaginative Photoshopped images. The photos are categorized as Animals, Nature, Objects, People, Urban, and Whimsical to simplify browsing. Presently, there is no search facility for the site. Note that if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the site, you'll find a “Super Picture Search, which will let you search through the offerings at Shutterstock. What's more, if you use the discount code GRATIS, you'll save money on anything you buy at Shutterstock.

Woman with overpowered hairdryerImagebase

You may elect to search in one of six categories of free pictures (People, Objects, Nature, Slides, City, and Holy Land), or you can search for free website graphics using the search function on the site.

ISO Republic

Photographer Tom Eversley offers images categorized as Architecture, Nature, People, Textures, Urban, and Various. You can also elect to use the site's search feature to find suitable photos to publish.

Jay Mantri

There are some high resolution nature, architectural, and abstract shots available here. Jay offers 7 more photos every Thursday. Unfortunately, the pictures are not catorized, nor is it searchable. Take your time and have fun browsing!


You can review Jan Vasek’s offerings by using the search feature, or by browsing through categories – Animal, Architecture, City & Street, Devices, Food, Lights, Nature, and People. There aren't as many pictures here as are found on other sites, but you may find just what you're looking for!

Life of Pix

New high resolution photos are added to Life of Pix archive weekly. There are also stock videos available for download to incorporate in your own video mix.

Little Visuals

The creator of the site died in November of 2013, so there haven't been any more pictures uploaded to the site since that time. However, the site has some wonderful landscape pictures, textures, and abstract shots available for download. Just browse to see what might be of interest, as there are no categories, nor is there a search facility.


This site offers hundreds of photos which can be located by using the site search facility, searching photos by category, or even searching photos by dominant color! Be sure to hover over the icons that appear in the upper right corner of the picture; they will indicate whether the image requires attribution or not, whether you can modify the picture, etc.


This site features high resolution photos in about 30 different categories. To see the categories, go to the second page of photos and look at the page header. You will have the option to view the photos as a grid or select a category from a dropdown list. There are also a number of macro pictures offered on the site, taken from extreme close up range.

Second photographer, taking picture to the leftMorgueFile

MorgueFile offers many free high resolution photos, some of which may require attribution. In addition, there is also a search facility for MorgueFile. There are also links to iStock, Getty, Dreamstime, Bigstock, DepositPhotos, and Fotolia – all of which sell imagry for re-use.


There are a variety of high resolution photos on this site. Clicking on the hamburger icon (3 short stacked horizontal lines) will bring up a search box in the left sidebar, and clicking on the square icon under the hamburger icon will bring up the pictures in a gallery format.

New Old Stock

This is a site which offers vintage photos free of known copyright restrictions. There are photo packs available for sale for $5 – $10 as “New Old Stock Collections”, containing from 19 to 44 photos. Be sure to check the institution’s rights statement through the link provided to the original Flickr posting. Most prefer that you link back to the original Flickr photo and mention the institution by name.

Old Pictures

Old Pictures gives you free downloadable pictures that were taken from 1850 to 1940. You can look for pictures categorized under Defining Moments, Picture Collections, Themed Collections, or Historical Maps. There is also a customized Google search facility to hunt for old pictures of interest.


Choose from high quality pictures in several categories, or simply use their search box to find a free website graphics. Site categories include Rocks, Tech, Animals, City, Drink, Food, Nature, Mountains, Blur, People, Sky, Night, Water, Mockup, Sport, Leaves, Sun, Industry, Flowers, Trees, River, Cars, and Street.

Pickup Image

Click on “Clip Arts”, “Destinations”, “Recent Tags” or one of the other links in the menu bar to see site categories, or use the search feature in the header at Pickup Image to hunt for high resolution photos and clip art. It appears the “Food” menu item is linked to the Foodie Live site. There is a lot to digest here!


The headline on the Photopin home page says you can “Search millions of Creative Commons photos and add them to your blogs easily”. Their search turned up over 400,000 photos related to “water”! Just be careful to abide by the license requirements that appear on the download page!


There are not a huge number of photos on this site, but they are well done, and there is a search facility on the site.


According to the site, Pixabay offers over 400,000 CC0 photos, vectors, and art illustrations. There is a search function that allows you to simultaneously specify keywords, categories, image type, and even dominant colors to help you navigate among all the photos.

Photo of lighthouse against skyPublic Domain Archive

You can download any of a mass of free images from this site, all of which have been placed in one of 30 categories. You can also find free website graphics by using the sites search feature. This site is a dandy!


The site claims there are 670 high resolution pictures available for download. I didn't count them all, but there are a lot – and there's a search facility to help you find just what you were looking for.


This site provides pictures for your perusal in 9 categories, and offers a search feature – although the search button reads “Zoeken”. Take your time and see what the site has to offer.

Snapwire Snaps

This is another site providing high resolution photos under CC0 license, which allows you to do anything you'd like with the photos. Clicking on “See more photos” in the header will take you a page listing 9 categories for the photos, or you can use the search facility to help sift through hundreds of pictures on the site.


You can use the site's search facility to help find the pictures you were looking for, or you can sort through them by date submitted, how the photos are trending, the number of views each has received (or the number of downloads). You can even save your favorites for future consideration. Check it out!


As with other CC0 sites, you can do whatever you want with these high resolution pictures. You can search by keyword to find that special picture for your website, or you can look at the pictures in a gallery. Another excellent opportunity for those seeking to bring their web pages to life!

Questions or Comments?

Do you have a question or comment about free website graphics? Do you have another free graphic site you'd like to share with other members? Spell it out in the comment box below and let it fly!


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